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We advise on a wide range of property matters from simple leases to complex development agreements, including housing stock transfers, partnership agreements and academy/free school land arrangements.

The team at HB Public Law deals with the full range of leasehold and freehold transactional work and advice for local authority, school and housing clients, with a proven track record of supporting significant projects.

Our work includes for both landlord and tenant, such as commercial leases, secure and non-secure residential tenancies including service tenancies and temporary arrangements for homeless people. We deal with complex leasehold arrangements, deeds of variation, licenses to assign/sub-let for alterations, rent deposit and bond arrangements. We deal with operational leases and licenses for schools, as well as allotment tenancies, agricultural licenses and farm business tenancies.

We deal with landlord and tenant support for regeneration schemes, including termination of leases, service of Housing Act demolition notices, and advice on tenant compensation and re-housing. We work on disposals, acquisitions and other transactional work such as development agreements, the right to buy, grants of licenses, nomination agreements and housing stock transfer.

We also offer a wide range of general property advice such as investigation and resolution of title issues, land registration and land charges advice, ‘squatters rights’ and public/private access claims, and advice on local authority statutory responsibilities including applications for ministerial consent.

We can offer training on a wide range of property matters, with a focus on practical application of the law to the client’s business.