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We are proud of our people – their expert knowledge, their commitment to public service, and their enthusiasm. We are committed to making HB Public Law a great place to work where talented people can thrive and develop rewarding careers.

What makes our people great?

We pride ourselves on being collaborative, friendly, and supportive, where people work in teams and bring out the best in each other. It’s something that our clients often comment on.

Whether you are an experienced lawyer, recently qualified, or looking to train as a lawyer or apprentice, we believe that HB Public Law is a great place to come and build a career.

Work at HB Public Law

We are often looking for talented people with a passion for public service to come and join our team.

You can find our latest vacancies by clicking below.

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What some of our people say about their roles at HB Public Law

  • Apprentice

    “The atmosphere at HBPL is great. People are friendly, welcoming and will take the time to help you. It’s a great mixture of being part of a team and getting your own jobs to do. You get responsibility and plenty of opportunity to learn. I’m really pleased about the route I’ve taken.”

  • Lawyer (Criminal Litigation)

    “It’s very diverse work and can be a steep learning curve – but that’s a positive thing! You’re not just pigeon-holed here; there’s good potential to move around and experience different areas of law and decide what direction you want to go in.”

  • Team Leader (Planning)

    “You get far more scope to lead on projects earlier, compared to private practice. The client relationships are different too - you feel more like you’re part of the same team. You’re not just advising on technicalities but helping protect the public purse from legal challenge –there’s a clear sense of purpose as well.”